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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is it safe to use Uthan's products?

    The products we utilize go through a rigorous vetting procedure. The global organization has approved all of Uthan's products for use.

  • Uthan provides what kinds of lawn services?

    Uthan offers a full range of lawn care services, including fertilizer, weed management, soil amendments, aeration and overseeding, and pest and disease prevention. While Uthan does offer gardening or mowing services, we do offer bug and pathogen prevention tree and shrub plans.

  • When should tree and shrub applications be applied?

    The interval between tree and shrub sprays varies, and it is frequently changed dependent on agricultural conditions. Fertilization is done twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, and it can be done at the same time as our spray and bark treatment visits, which are spread out every 1-2 weeks depending on pests and pathogens activity.

  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first service?

    Feel free to keep your home's entrances open on scheduled service days to give access to your property. For additional information on how to prepare for your first visit, see the What to Expect video clip below.

  • Will the therapy be effective if it rains right after I apply it?

    Rainfall before or after an application will usually improve the efficiency of your Uthan application.Water is essential for plant health and facilitates in the transport of nutrients into the soil for absorption by the root system. Pre Emergent weed control and subsurface insect control are also activated by water.


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