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Green Technology

Green Technology Project Description

Green technology has the potential to drastically reduce urban resource consumption while also making urban expansion more sustainable. Green technology allows buildings to be built in such a way that they maximize natural light while also providing enough insulation to reduce energy usage. Such construction techniques will save energy in lighting and remove the need for heating by decreasing heat loss to the outside.

Furthermore, construction materials will be supplied from landfills and municipal garbage. In the not-too-distant future, this technology will enable all buildings to be "passive," requiring no major additional emissions for their manufacture and use.

Project Challenges

For urban farms, finding reliable and clean water supplies can be problematic. Drip irrigation, for example, can help preserve water by precisely delivering water where and when it is needed

  • Obtaining permission to start a garden.
  • Choosing select crops and flowers to plant.
  • Obtaining funds

Rainwater and wastewater reuse can offer more water, but toxins must be monitored and perhaps treated.

Project Solutions

Although the research is still underway, Alice says the earliest findings are promising. Crop yields vary greatly depending on the location, with certain crops growing better

  • A pleasurable aerobic workout
  • Decreased risk of dementia
  • Mood-enhancing properties

closer to the city center and others yielding higher yields in more rural areas.

Trusted Experience

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